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Is it just me or was there like, no music in Hunger Games?

Okay I’m a little late. Hunger Games has been in theaters now for two months and I am just now writing this. What can I say, I’m new at this, I’ve been very busy and sometimes inspiration comes late. How’s that for an excuse? So I loved, loved, loved Hunger Games. I read it in like two days–if I didn’t have kids it might have only taken  about eight hours as I couldn’t put it down. It literally grabbed me by the throat and would not release. I have never been so captivated by any book. My family members would concur. Hunger Games is “the bomb” book. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the vernacular, that means, “awesome!” Anyway, then I read Catching Fire and Mockingjay, which were both great, but I’d give them a B+ and Hunger Games a A+++.

I felt like a kid awaiting the release of the movie “in theaters near me” and would remind my Facebook friends with a daily countdown. So was it the hype that caused my disappointment, or the fact that the film is never as good as the book? Or, was it that there was no music, or dialogue, or narration to clue us into the character’s thinking? I mean, as a reader I knew what was going on, but what about those who hadn’t read the books?

In the trailer’s, there was this loud, BOOM! BOOM! exciting, action-packed-get-ready-to-blow-your-socks-off music playing, but somehow, that got left out of the film. They didn’t even play the Taylor Swift theme song, Safe and Sound, which would have really help set the mood.

And then there was all this stuff with Seneca Crane and President Snow that took too much focus off Katnis and the Tributes, and did not follow the book. Haymitch was supposed to be an every-day, loser-drunk, not a nonchalant hero. So whatever, it’s done. Hopefully CF and MJ will be better with more music score and less additives. And maybe, since much time has passed since I’ve read the two books, I’ll enjoy the films much more. What do you think?


About Sandra Goff

I'm a busy mom married to a wonderful man. I'm passionate about health, wellness, organic foods, sustaining the local farmers, upholding the Constitution, walking with God even when its not the popular thing to do, and making independent decisions regarding my family's health, welfare and educational rights. I love reading, writing, walking in the sunshine, the scent of campfire and mountain air.


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