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Less Calcium, More Saturated Fat

I read an article this week that fitness expert and well-known blogger, Fred Hahn had referenced, which talked about clogged arteries in the heart and how they increase ones risk to heart attack, stroke and death, stating, “Plaque that accumulates on the inner walls of your arteries is made from various substances that circulate in … Continue reading

Less Calcium, More Saturated Fat

Less Calcium, More Saturated Fat.

Is it just me or was there like, no music in Hunger Games?

Is it just me or was there like, no music in Hunger Games?.

Is it just me or was there like, no music in Hunger Games?

Okay I’m a little late. Hunger Games has been in theaters now for two months and I am just now writing this. What can I say, I’m new at this, I’ve been very busy and sometimes inspiration comes late. How’s that for an excuse? So I loved, loved, loved Hunger Games. I read it in … Continue reading

Fructose not Fat

With great surprise and excitement I watched the 60 minutes segment CBS aired April 1, 2012 with Dr. Robert Lustig.  Months prior, Dr. Mercola posted a video from UCT TV’s, The Skinny on Obesity where Lustig, author of Sugar: The Bitter Truth, spoke about the white stuff many are saying is toxic. For those of you who … Continue reading

Neither Eggs nor Bunnies

I’ve been busy with all the preparations for Sunday and I’ve still got more shopping to do, jelly-beans and chocolate to buy and plastic eggs to fill. There’s cleaning and chores which need to be finished. Everyone will be dressed up in their Sunday Easter best for church and the pastor will preach a wonderful … Continue reading

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